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Solar Powered Attic Fan
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Solar Powered Attic Fan

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A new product with applications in any climate. All you need is sunshine.

When It's Hot - Your attic can get up to 150°F in the summer. This intense heat leaks through into the living area of your home, raising the temperature and making it uncomfortable. Our attic fan reduces attic temperatures 50°-60°F, preventing floors from warping, shingles from deteriorating prematurely, and decreasing cooling costs.

When It's Cold - Air circulation keeps moisture from condensing which can ruin rafters and floors or soak insulation, making it ineffective. Air movement stops ice dams from forming at the eaves by preventing overheating in the winter sun.

How It Works - When the sun shines the 12 fan moves 800 cfm of air out of your attic, pulling new air in at the eaves. Cut a hole on the south side of your roof, mount the fan, caulk the flashing (tube of 50-year silicone included), and tilt solar panel toward the sun. No wiring, no thermostat, no fire risk. Runs silently, only during the day when needed most, at no expense.

Highest Quality - Spun aluminum shroud and flashing means no leaks, no rust, no seams. Powder coated to withstand any environment, stainless steel animal screen and hardware. Pittman DC motor, BP solar panel, 5-year warranty. 10 watts, flashing 26OD, shroud 21OD. USA made.

This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take several weeks for delivery.

* NOTE: This product is drop shipped. This means it is shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take an extra week or two to be delivered.

Customer Reviews of Solar Powered Attic Fan
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- 12/28/2013
said: Rich
"I had one of these installed when we had our roof replaced. We do not use AC here in NC and it is warm in the summer. This unit has been running for 3 years now with no problems and has lowered the internal temp. upstairs by 10-15 degrees."
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- 9/20/2012
said: Dean Heisler
"Had 2 of these for my home in Fl and am amazed how great they work. I plan to buy a couple more for my NC home. Saves a lot of energy!"
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