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Duplex Burner for Oil Lamps with Adapter
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Duplex Burner for Oil Lamps with Adapter

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Solid brass double-wick burner with adapter.
  • Use 2½"OD chimney
  • Thread diameter 1½"
  • Adapter fits 1¾"OD font opening

Customer Reviews of Duplex Burner for Oil Lamps with Adapter
Product Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0(3 reviews)
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- 5/14/2014
said: Terry
"When this arrived, I panicked. It fit, but the adapter had no threads. I sat for about a day just staring at the thing, trying to figure out how to fasten it to my old Lamplighter Farms lamp purchased at Wal Mart many years ago. Then it hit me........YOU HAVE TO GET THE ADAPTER OVER THE OLD BASE OF THE ORIGINAL BURNER. So, how to do this? I attempted to use heat and cold. I heated the brass adapter and froze the old base. No good. I thought about sanding the edges of the old base.....too lazy for that. I finally took the adapter and old base out and drove it in with about 3 light strikes with an 18 ounce hammer. I tapped the adapter and not the base. The old base is pretty fragile. Please forgive me Lehman's, I actually began to question what you had sold me. But, I knew you guys don't sell junk and that there was something OBVIOUS I was missing. Finally found it. Thanks for a wonderful product."
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- 4/17/2012
said: Karen
"I have been using one of these on one of my table lamps for a couple of years now. I should have epoxied it on, but electrical tape works. I love it. Throws out lots of light, significant heat source--so be careful about what is above the chimney! I put a brown spot on my ceiling last year burning it on the fireplace mantel and had to move the lamp to a lower surface."
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- 1/15/2012
said: Bryan French
"If you can't afford an Aladdin lamp this is the thing to get! The duplex burner puts out a ton of light and heat. Two of these would likely both light and heat a small home (actually I use this and an Aladdin to light and heat my home). Get the burner with an adapter so it will fit your fonts or the fonts here at Lehman's. Although it says a 2 1/2" chimney, a 2 5/8" will of course fit. The burner doesn't come with instructions so I hope these instructions help those new to duplex burners: 1. When the duplex burner arrives remove the gallery from the burner by turning counter-clockwise. 2. Fit the chimney to the gallery. 3. Pull the lever up to open the shutters. 4. Trim the wicks and adjust the height so the wick is barely above the burner. 5. Light the lamp and place the now gallery/chimney unit on the burner by lining up the dot on the unit with the grove on the burner an turn clockwise. 6. To turn the lamp off push down on the lever to close the shutters (while holding the lamp with the other hand of course). It is difficult or near impossible to blow the lamp out and the lever must be used."
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