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Rolling Pin Rings
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Rolling Pin Rings

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Takes the guesswork out of rolling dough! Roll dough evenly with Rolling Pin Rubber Rings. Roll dough to perfect thickness for cookies, pie crusts, puff pastry, and biscuits.

When a recipe says "roll dough to 1/4" thickness...," how do you know when it's correct and how can you be sure it's completely uniform? Now it's "easy as pie".

  • Just select the correct pair of rings, slip them on the rolling pin barrel, and start rolling
  • You'll get the correct thickness for cookies, pie crusts, puff pastry, and biscuits
  • Included are four sets of color-coded rings for 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8"
  • Easy directions included
  • USA made
To Roll Exact Dough Thickness
  • Select rings for the dough thickness you want.
  • Slide rings on each end of the barrel, straighten.
  • Place dough on a flat surface.
  • Roll pin back and forth until dough is flat.
  • For uniform thickness, keep rings off dough

To slide rings on easily, dab vegetable oil sparingly on ends of rolling pin.

1/16" blue ring - thin pie dough
1/8" yellow ring - cookies, etc.
1/4" green ring - puff pastry, etc.
3/8" white ring - biscuits, etc.

Customer Reviews of Rolling Pin Rings
Product Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0(2 reviews)
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- 9/28/2013
said: Anne Clevering
"I bought these last summer at Lehman's and have used them a dozen times since. They're great for getting a uniform thickness. A bit tricky the first few times you use them because they fit your pin quite snugly. I just put a dab of shortening on the inside of the ring and that helps it stretch and slide over each end of the rolling pin. I'm happy with them."
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- 4/11/2014
said: Bonnie Wisth
"This product is a real head-scratcher. The inside diameters of the four size rings are all different, which makes no sense. Even using a lubricant, I was unable to get two of the sizes on my rolling pin. Waste of money."
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