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Old Hickory Skinning Knife
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Old Hickory Skinning Knife

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Knife has curved, wide blade for ease of use. Full tang, hickory handle with brass rivets.
  • 10-1/2"L with 6" blade
  • 1-1/2"W
  • Part of our best selling Old Hickory┬« line.

The knife blades are made of carbon steel and must be thoroughly dried after washing or they may rust.

This knife has a carbon steel blade. Carbon steel is known for keeping a sharp edge, but requires a little more tender, love and care. For best care, make sure you keep the knife dry. Clean after use, especially when using with high acidic foods. We also recommend applying a little knife oil onto the blade. 

Customer Reviews of Old Hickory Skinning Knife
Product Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0(6 reviews)
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- 4/25/2014
said: Erik Kask
"Solid, full tang skinning knife. they must have read the review earlier about the dull blade, because this one was extremely sharp."
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- 4/29/2011
said: Brian
"I'd seen this brand of knives around for a while but never really gave them much thought. From an aesthics stand point they weren't much to look at and to be honest, I turned my nose up a little at the cheap price. I just figured for the price that it was just another piece of imported junk that wasn't worth my time. Then time went by and I was reading and learned that these are actually from a company that had been making them for many years and that they had a bit of a reputation. So this piqued my interest. Then the time came that I need a good butchering knife as I was taking up boar hunting and I knew I was going to need something solid. That's when I came across this knife. For the price, I figured I could take the risk. I'm glad I did! This knife isn't pretty like other, more expensive, knives are but it's solid and has the beauty of function. The handle is rock solid and the blade is good steel. The only downside was that it didn't have a really good edge on it when I bought it but the beauty of this is that this isn't really a downside if you know how to sharpen knives or even have an IDEA of how to sharpen knives. The steel in the knife is carbon steel. This means that, unlike stainless, it's pretty easy to get sharp. It's pretty easy to get it REALLY sharp. And then it's easy to keep it sharp. And you can do all this without fancy tools like a lot of other steels require. I used my electric knife sharpener (a good one, not the back-o'-the-can-opener variety) and it now has the sharpest edge of any knife in my kitchen. I will give a word of warning. These knives are carbon steel and will require a bit more care then your run of the mill knife. You can't treat them like stainless steel. It's pretty basic though. Don't wash it in the dishwasher because this will mess up the wood handle, don't let it sit in dishwater for the same reason and don't put the blade up damp. Give the blade a little coating of oil (pretty much any food safe oil will work) and then store it were it won't be bumping around against things. Treat it with a little care and you'll have a knife you can pass on to the kids."
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- 10/8/2010
said: Kevin
"I have used Old Hickory for many years, they are not the best out there but you get what you pay for, it does have a good feel when using it, but it does need to be sharpend often when in use, the one I like the best is the one handed down from my Grandpa, so that might tell you they have been here for a long time now, as I am 54 years old now and been using my boneing knife for over 25 years since Grandpa passed and left it to me. If and when this one gets to where I can no longer use it, I will buy another, I'm sure they will still be in busniess."
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- 2/26/2014
said: Janice Silver
"Knife was dull feathering most of the length and 5/8th from tip back was so dull that you could press a finger against it without cutting yourself. My husband was able to sharpen it. It was poor workmanship on finishing out the cutting edge."
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- 3/13/2010
said: jason prairie
"If you order this knife expect to work on the edge of the blade. The tip back to about 1 inch is very dull and thick. I spent a good hour with a file and stone to get it in order."
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- 10/4/2009
said: Karen
"Ordered both sticking and skinning knives. The sticking knife has a very rounded point rather than a piercing sharp point and we had to do a lot of reworking on it. The skinning knife was not only NOT well sharpened for the tip inch or so -- it was not ground/sharpened AT ALL -- the metal was a good 1/16" thick there! Neither knife was well sharpened at all and required a couple hours work to get them as sharp as they should be. I realize these are cheap knives and would probably require a lot of resharpening later, but at the very least when you buy a new knife you expect it to be sharp enough to use!"
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