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German-Made Food Mill
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German-Made Food Mill

Turning hard wheat into fine flour can be pretty difficult work. Not with this mill!
  • Turns easier than our other hand mills
  • Grinds fine flour, too
  • So easy to turn, your children can help grind the flour for baking
  • Versatile, too. With a quick twist, the different attachments snap into place
  • You can create a flour mill, cereal mill, food processor or meat grinder
  • Attachments made of rust-proof, high-grade Lexan
  • Five-year warranty
  • Made in Germany
Shown with flour attachment
Hand-Cranked - Wooden base 8-1/4"H x 5-1/4"W, steel handle 7"L with plastic grip. Clamps to surfaces up to 2-1/2" thick, 3 lb.

Motorized - 110V one speed motor, on/off switch, very quiet. Rubber feet keep mill in place. 10"H x 5"W x 7-1/2"D, 4 lb.

Customer Reviews of German-Made Food Mill
Product Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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- 5/21/2012
said: Shanna
"I've had this mill now for about 6 mos. and have enjoyed it very much. I did a lot of research before buying a mill, and wavered between this one and a larger, more expensive product. In the end, I chose this model as one could get a hand-crank for non-electric use as well as an attachment for it to be powered by a Kitchenaid Mixer. I have used it with the mixer to grind wheat (red and white) at the finest setting for flour and slightly coarser for cereal. I use it at least once a week, and it has done a good job. Occasionally I will run a batch thru twice, but usually once is fine enough. It makes a little noise, but is not TOO bad, and it can easily grind wheat for pancakes while I'm starting breakfast. I cannot say how it would do if used hard every day, and I have only used the hand-crank for a test-run, but for moderate use I think it is a reliable product and I am looking into the other accessories. I hope this review helps you. God bless."
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- 12/2/2011
said: Lori M
"I have had this mill with the electric base for about 1.5 years and love it! We make great bread daily with it and some muffins and pizza crust too. I don't make pies or pastries so perhaps another mill would be better for that if you do that frequently. This mill is relatively quiet and I use the flaker attachment to make fresh oatmeal. I gave my hand crank to a friend so I can't say how fast it is but she says it is easy to turn. The electric base is relatively fast. For bread, versatility and price, this is a great mill."
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- 2/18/2012
said: Kevin
"I like this mill a lot. It works great and grinds finer than I thought it would. We made bread with the flour we made from Hard Red Wheat and my wife thinks it's the best bread we've made yet. I compared the grind from this mill to store bought whole wheat flour. You could tell it wasn't quite as fine, but it was darn close."
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- 4/23/2010
said: Alison M
"Fine flour is not possible with this mill. I don't know how Lehman's defines fine, but in my opinion it is only appropriate for baking yeasted goods, not fine enough to use as pastry flour for quick breads, cakes, cookies and pie crust. We love our Jupiter for food processing, love how washable it is, but never use it for flour as the gritty texture is a big turnoff in baked goods.."
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