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Lehman's Own Old-Fashioned Froe
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Lehman's Own Old-Fashioned Froe

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    Now made of case hardened steel, our froe is better than ever. The blade is stronger, giving you more use and great results.
    • Proven effective in continuous use since the 1800s
    • Dozens of uses in building log cabins, making furniture, shingles and kindling, and weaving baskets
    • Case hardened, so the blade lasts longer
    • 16" hickory handle
    • 15" sharp steel blade
    • 4 lb
    • USA made
    • Safer! All other methods put your hand below the cutting edge. Strike back upper edge with mallet (sold separately) to drive blade into wood. Pull on handle to pry splits from block.

    We're always looking for ways to improve, so we took our beloved froe and made it better. The steel blade is now case hardened, ultimately making it stronger and last longer. By using a special heating process and dipping the blade into a compound (usually high in carbon), a hard outer layer is formed around the blade. This layer protects the inner raw (soft) steel, allowing you to sharpen the blade more before reaching the raw steel.

    Customer Reviews of Lehman's Own Old-Fashioned Froe
    Product Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0(15 reviews)
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    - 1/1/2010
    said: Andy
    "This is a really good froe. It is very plain and the handle is unfinished. If I were comparing it to froes from woodqorking specialty stores, I might only give it 3 or 4 lamps. But those froes cost twice as much, so I am giving it the full 5. It is a user tool, not a show piece."
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    - 2/10/2012
    said: Allen
    "The froe itself is very nice. So far, all i have split is dry oak firewood-very hard! I'm sure, when used as directed, on green wood, it will work like a charm. I feel the handle is a bit small. The handle and shipping are the only things keeping me from giving it a 5. UPS drop shipped this to my local post office - where it got lost and took another week to deliver. I have to say, costomer service got right on it tho! For the amount I payed for shipping, I would't expect corners to be cut."
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    - 12/8/2009
    said: Olaf
    "I've read all about froes. They can make wooden planks from logs. Boards cost a lot if you buy them, but I read you can make boards without sawing with it, costs nothing if you have trees.I'm making a 7' square, 3' high tomato planter box. Boards don't need to be perfect."
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    - 9/25/2013
    said: dave
    "Lehman's service was great. The product was delivered in a timely fashion. The blade is really good metal and the edge on it is well ground and well honed. The handle is smooth hardwood, as promised. BUT... The handle, while smooth, will not stay in the froe blade. I've done everything I ought to have done: put the handle through the receiver on the blade, and pounded the handle on a chopping block using the weight of the blade to seat the blade on the handle's taper---the same method you'd use to seat a hammer or axe head on a handle. Thank goodness I have a lathe and can turn myself a new handle or I'd be returning this froe. Lehman's folks, if you're reading this, I suggest you ship a pack of shims or wedges with the froe to insert in the receiver once the handle is in place, like one might see on an axe But as is? Not too cool."
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    - 6/9/2011
    said: charles
    "Was very disappointed at the quality of the product. Would have expect much higher standards from a multi generational family run company."
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