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Lightweight Deep Well Water Pump
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Lightweight Deep Well Water Pump

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Weighs less than 3 lb, making it easy to transport and install. But, it's made of tough reinforced thermoplastics with stainless steel hardware. It won't break, leak, or rust and doesn't need to be primed. Your best choice for emergency and temporary use because of its lower cost. Plus, it's easier to move than our more durable iron and stainless steel pumps.
  • Pump is 18" tall when installed. If more height is needed, you can use 3" Schedule 80 PVC to extend the base.
  • Can pump uphill or into pressurized systems. (Spout connects to 1-1/2" PVC pipe and may be adapted to other connections, including a hose bibb, using fittings available from your local hardware store.)
  • May be made freeze proof by drilling a 1/8" weep hole in drop pipe approximately four feet below ground level.
Note: Additional components are needed for installation of this pump head. See "Description" below for more information.
    Currently Unavailable
    Works great installed alongside existing electric pumps for emergency backup use (minimum 6" ID casing required). Lightweight design for easy installation. It's rustproof, so it may actually outlast heavy, rusting cast iron pumps. Resistant to salt water and most chemicals.

    Lifts water up to 50 feet, but because handle is only 11" long, you may need to use a 36" length of 2" pipe as an extension. 2" diameter cylinder of corrosion-resistant PVC Schedule 80 pipe and pumps up to 10 gpm. Rust-proof 1-7/8" brass plunger has 3 cups to ensure long life. Made in the USA.

    To complete your installation, you just need to add the pump rod and drop pipe. Use "Schedule 80" ½" diameter PVC pipe as the pump rod. Use 2" Schedule 40 PVC as the drop pipe (Schedule 80 couplings required). You can obtain the 1/2" and 2" PVC pipe you need inexpensively from most hardwares or building supply outlets.

    Installation is fast and easy. Glue together sections of 2" drop pipe as you install. Install enough drop pipe to put the bottom end of the pipe 2-3 feet underwater. Slide brass plunger into drop pipe and attach the first section of 1/2" PVC. Then glue to enough additional sections of 1/2" pipe to equal the length of 2" pipe already installed.

    * NOTE: This product is drop shipped. This means it is shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take an extra week or two to be delivered.

    Customer Reviews of Lightweight Deep Well Water Pump
    Product Rating: 3.2 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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    - 8/4/2014
    said: Tim Schaefer
    "The pump is a outstanding pump works great does just what it is Says it will do, for all of the bad comments these people don t have a ideal how to install one go to www.oasispumps.com and look at there Insulation video "
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    - 8/2/2011
    said: Wayne
    "relatively inexpensive, works well, easy to pump (50 feet). arrived before I expected. did not include any documentation or instructions, so pay attention to the "Hints" provided by Lehmans.I would add " tie a rope to the bottom of the drop pipe to hold it while you glue the pipe together." The only other down side is that the water tastes of PVC cement but that is slowly going away. I would reccomend this pump to friends."
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    - 3/15/2013
    said: Wayne
    "Worked for a couple of months then quit. Since it is all glued together, it is going to be ugly trying to pull it to see what went wrong."
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    - 9/21/2012
    said: Bill Eberle
    "We're pumping from about 60' A good pump if you like to get a lot of exercise for a little water. Also, with the amount of resistance it has I can't imagine the plastic handle lasting very long. We only use it when the power goes out (fairly often here in rural Virginia) but are still going to get a real pump to replace it."
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