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Ingenious Storm Kettle
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Ingenious Storm Kettle

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Our Storm Kettle is for those who find it impossible to begin the day without a hot beverage, or for those whose idea of camping does not include shaving with cold water. Kettles like this one have accompanied fishermen, hikers and campers for more than 100 years. Unique design makes it the focus of attention wherever it's used.
  • 12"H (15"H including base)
  • 6"OD
  • 2-1/2 lb
  • Made in the UK
Currently Unavailable
Smart, simple design-The hollow kettle, made of double skinned aluminum, surrounds the fire you build in the base. The water absorbs the fire's heat in an amazingly efficient manner. Add fuel (paper, leaves, sticks, wood) through the 2"OD vent on top. Boil 40 oz of water in 3 minutes. Cork on brass chain can be inserted to keep water hot or from splashing out while in transit.

Customer Reviews of Ingenious Storm Kettle
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- 5/26/2013
said: Jo
"We live in a setting where the only good way to make hot water is fire. This is a great quick way to get small amounts of hot water and we are so pleased with this product. Despite its helpfulness, I would add several cautions. You have to be skilled with handling open fire to do this well. If you want to make several quarts of water (we never stop at one but make about 5-10 batches when we use this) you need to be careful when removing the top part so that taller still burning sticks do not fall out of the fire chamber onto your feet. Also it would be really helpful to have a sturdy metal handle permanently attached midway up the kettle to lift it safely when the water is hot. (The small carrying handle is not sufficient or safe to lift the kettle full of water off of the bottom chamber, especially if you want to keep the fire going--the fire would burn your hand.) Otherwise it is challenging to grasp the hot kettle tightly with two pot holders and lift it off the fire chamber to dump out the hot water. Finally, we made a very simple cap with a tin can lid folded down at the edges for the water chamber which is helpful to keep out all smoke particles, but if the water is hot enough, when you remove the cap the water will start bubbling or boiling out, so make sure you have a container ready. Overall, a very useful product when you need to rely on fire."
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- 7/27/2011
said: Tom Jones
"I bought a storm kettle to give my kids who camp in Colorado, but I had to test it first because it sounded to good to be true. At 3500' with pencil sized twigs it comes to a full boil in about 4 minutes. About to buy one for me."
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- 10/9/2009
said: marvin
"I use the smaller one when I go back packing. After all is said, I boil water when back packing. nothing is lighter, no need to carry fuel. My Boy Scout troop also uses these. Summer, fall, spring and snow camping. They are super."
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- 9/6/2009
said: willo L
"We bought one of these for our fairly minimalist version of car camping about 7 years ago. What a great little device! Rather than pack a big campstove and liquid fuel, we cook simple foods over a fire at dinnertime, but use the Storm Kettle to boil water for oatmeal, tea, coffee, soups, etc early in the day. That was what I was missing (desperately!) when we camped without it. We usually start it up with a small solid fuel pellet and then use little sticks to keep it going until the water gets as hot as we need."
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