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5-Tray Electric Food Dryer
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5-Tray Electric Food Dryer

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Although non-electric products are Lehman's® specialty, this is one electric product that has been very popular with our customers. It's easy to see why, too, since drying is such an easy and popular way to store food.
  • Electric food dryer uses the patented Parallexx Drying System™.
  • Tough polycarbonate, FDA-approved components can't rust
  • Comes with BPA-free, food-safe polycarbonate screens
  • Includes 24-page drying guide covering jerky, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, herbs and spices
  • 1-year warranty (10 years on trays)
  • Both models are 17"W x 19"D, 5 amp
  • 5-Tray is 8"H with nearly 8 sq ft of drying space. 440 W
  • USA made
Note: The manufacturer of this product prohibits us from shipping this product internationally. It can only be sold and shipped within the USA (including AK and HI).
Rear-mounted heating unit and fan - Exclusive Parallexx Drying System™ provides horizontal air flow which prevents flavor mixing and ensures uniform and speedy drying. Dry: onions, bananas, garlic and apples in the same load and forget about rotating the trays.

Fully automatic - Adjustable thermostat gives precisely the right temperature for unattended drying.

Two-to-five times faster than competing models - Thermostat and fan cut down drying time and square trays offer 25% more drying space than round trays. Drying time varies depending on the season of the year and weather conditions.

Versatile - Removable trays let you expand the drying chamber as needed. Dry flowers, wreaths, crafts or photos, make yogurt and fruit leather, dry meat, or raise bread.

Easy Cleaning - Mesh screen trays clean easily and spills fall onto seamless bottom where they can be easily wiped up. Trays are dishwasher safe too.

Best service for the least money - Tough polycarbonate, FDA-approved components can't rust, corrode or discolor. Exterior stays cool in operation. Only costs about $.50 per load to operate. Includes FREE 24-page drying guide. Covers jerky, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, herbs, spices and more.

Customer Reviews of 5-Tray Electric Food Dryer
Product Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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- 1/18/2014
said: Anonymous User
"Been using the 5 tray for 14 years now. Want to upgrade to the 9 tray. Best dehydrator on the market. I have tried others. Others I have tried don't compare."
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- 8/21/2012
said: Virginia Gardner
"We are totally in love with our dehydrator. Who knew anything could be so easy?"
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- 5/16/2012
said: A.P.
"I have had the 5-tray model for a couple of years now. I use it for both fruit and vegetables. Prior to getting this, I used a round stackable type, and always had difficulty remembering to stay nearby to rotate the trays every hour or two. With this dehydrator, I can slice my food on the tray, load the trays, put on the cover, turn it on and forget about it until it is done. It would be nice to have a timer, but I do well putting my food in in the evening and taking it out the next morning. It does a great job of drying because the heat is pushed through with a fan, so there is no rotating the trays and it all dries evenly. The only complaint I have had was that the cover/door rattled. It was an easy fix, though. I simply place a very light-weight object on top where the door meets the unit. Problem solved. Also, I think if I would get a mat of some sort to place the unit on, it would not rattle, but I have not tried that. All-in-all, definitely a great and well-used addition to my food preservation equipment! I highly recommend."
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- 5/14/2012
said: A. P.
"I have had my 5-drawer dehydrator for a couple of years now. I have used it for both fruits and vegetables. I used to have a round stackable type, which required constant attention to "rotate" the levels so they all got a chance at the bottom near the heating element. This type is so much nicer with the heating element at the rear and the fan blowing evenly across all the shelves - I simply put my sliced food onto on the trays, replace the cover, turn it on and forget about it. I have chosen not dry at high temps, so it does take a bit longer, but again, that is a personal choice. The only thing that has bothered me at all with this is the cover will sometimes rattle. I easily solved this by placing a very light object on top where the cover meets the body of the unit. This totally takes care of the rattle. I think if I would get a rubber mat or other cushion to place under it, it probably would not do that at all. All-in-all, definitely a great buy that I do not regret, getting lots of use at our house."
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