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Lehman's Best Ice Cream Freezers
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Lehman's Best Ice Cream Freezers

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Today's Price: $329.00 - $399.00
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A delight in any season, rich, velvety homemade ice cream is almost as much fun to make as it is to eat. Pour in your favorite recipe, let everyone take a turn cranking the handle, and you'll soon be relishing the treat that's been called the Great American Dessert.
  • Rugged construction with top-of-the-line parts and careful attention to detail
  • Superior performance for many years
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel can and leak-proof white oak tub with stainless adjustable bands
  • Made in USA
This item has options!
  • Zinc alloy gears
  • Extra heavy seamless stainless steel can
  • Rustproof manganese bronze housing (with grease fitting)
  • Leak-proof white oak tub secured by stainless steel adjustable bands that can be tightened when they loosen
  • Stainless steel mixer, shaft, handle and fittings
  • Tall tub design ensures quick and efficient freezing
  • 5-year warranty on all stainless steel parts
  • 4QT: 12"H x 11-3/4"OD, 21 lb
  • 6QT: 15"H x 11-3/4"OD, 24 lb
  • 8QT: 20"H x 11-1/2"OD, 25 lb

Customer Reviews of Lehman's Best Ice Cream Freezers
Product Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0(5 reviews)
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- 6/29/2014
said: Lyle
"I have the four quart model. I waited a year to write a review, and this allowed me to "fisk" the machine, discovering its strengths and weaknesses over nearly two dozen batches of ice cream. Initially it is impressive, with obvious thought having gone into its design. HOWEVER, the dasher and cream can lid are cast parts (which is fine) and nickel plated (which is horrible). Electroplating is an altogether bad idea for anything that is going to be handled, or otherwise has wear surfaces. Predictably, all the bearing surfaces that are plated are losing the plating, beginning to flake, and the base metal is growing "warts" of oxidized metal-- The drive surfaces at the top of the dasher, the bearing surface at the bottom of the dasher, and the drive surfaces on top of the cream can lid, and the underside of the cream can lid where it sits atop the cream can, are all pitted, flaking and corroded. There is no excuse for this. Many of the other parts are solid stainless steel, and are of superb quality. Why they decided to attempt to cut corners with the dasher and cream can lid is a mystery, especially considering the high quality and obvious attention to detail exhibited elsewhere in the machine. The dasher and the lid could easily be made of stainless steel, just as the cream can itself and some of the other parts. The dasher could be cast using the lost wax process, and the lid could be fabricated using the stamp, machine and weld process used in the cream can itself. I would absolutely love it (I love using it) if the aforementioned parts were solid stainless. As it is, it is NOT the heirloom piece I very much wanted it to be, and for the price this one shortcut is disappointing. Try again, folks, and please do not even THINK of plating. I hope this issue will be corrected soon, as I would like to purchase the upgraded parts."
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- 4/23/2012
said: Joe Hoover
"I have had my freezer for about two weeks and have made two batches of ice cream. Ice cream came out great and was able to crank it so it was nice and firm. It leaks water out of the bottom and on the two uses brine has never got to the over flow, hoping that the wood will swell and seal better, however here is AZ it is very dry. On the last batch the bolt holding the plastic handle started to come loose, may need to get a back up nut for it. Metal parts all seem very well made. Bucket is also well made. Time will tell if the price, which is high compared to other units, is worth spending. Price is the only true negative after two uses."
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- 6/18/2013
said: David
"The ice cream maker is wonderful. I am impressed with the craftsmanship and the design of the maker. The first time I made ice cream in it the oak bucket leaked like a shiv. The next time I made a batch the wood had swollen and sealed of the leaks and did not leak at all. All of the parts are top quality and replacement parts can be found and purchased which was a selling point for me. This is the best ice cream freezer I have ever used and I have used many."
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- 7/15/2010
said: Holly
"This is a beautifully made, handcrafted ice cream maker that I expect to have for many years! I previously bought a less expensive ice cream maker but returned it as the quality did not seem very good and ordered this one instead. I was hesitant because of the price, but I know I will never have to replace this one. The wood bucket pieces fit perfectly to each other with no gaps or glue stuck in them, the handle is very sturdy, all pieces are either wood or metal--no cheap plastic parts at all. This is one instance where you really get what you pay for---this is truly heirloom quality workmanship. It also works beautifully and my kids love making their own ice cream! I don't worry about space to store it either because when not in use it sits up on my refrigerator as kitchen decor because it is very nice to look at as well! I highly recommend this ice cream maker, it is hard to find products of this quality--I expect it to last for the next few generations in my family as well! So happy with my purchase!"
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- 12/9/2012
said: Anonymous User
"I bought one of these for my husband as a becoming grand dad present, he has great memories of his grandfather cranking out ice cream for all the kids and it seems like a tradition to continue. The ice cream is just like he rembers and is easier then using a modern electric icecream maker."
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