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Goats Produce Too! Book
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Goats Produce Too! Book

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Complete guide to the many different uses of goat's milk. Find out how to pasteurize, freeze or can goat's milk. Learn to make butter, cheese, yogurt, desserts and soap.
  • Lots of recipes, tips, and information
  • Spiral bound
  • Toth
  • 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
  • 136 pp.
The Basics of Goat Milk
Getting Started
Pasteurizing & Freezing Milk
Canning Milk
Making Butter
Making Cultured Buttermilk

The Udder Real Cheese
Basics of Cheesemaking
Miscellaneous Powders & Molds
Cheesemaking Utensils

Soft & Molded Cheese

Hard & Pressed Cheeses

Udderly Delightful Desserts

Making & Using Goat Milk Yogurt

Chevon The Udder Lean Meat
Goat Meat Facts
Canning Goat Meat
Chevon Meat Guide
Cooking With Chevon

Goat Milk Soap & Udder Non-Edibles
Basics of Goat Milk Soap
Reclaiming Soap

Cheesemaking Glossary

Cheese Problems & Solutions

Recipe Index

Supply Sources

Excerpt from page 96
Goat Meat
Goat meat often called Chevon is a delicious meat product that can be eaten stewed baked grilled BBQ canned or made into sausage or jerky. It can be eaten at any age depending on your preference or how crowded the barn is getting.

Chevon is low in fat and cholesterol. It has a flavor and texture similar to venison without a gamey taste. Eaten young it resembles prime veal. As the goat matures the meat becomes more like a beef-vension cross. I think that the flavor is best when the animal is from 9 months to 1 year of age.

Our favorite chevon meal is the boneless steaks. I like to prepare them pounded Swiss-style rolled in flour and sauteed quickly in hot greased pan a little salt and pepper added for seasoning. It's quick delicious and easy!

Goat Meat Facts
Goat meat is 50-65% lower in fat than similarly prepared beef but has a similar protein content.

The USDA reports the saturated fat in cooked goat meat is 40% less than that of chicken even with the skin removed.

Out of 3 favorite exotic meats venison rabbit and goat sold in New York City goat meat is the lowest in cholesterol.

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