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Backyard Sugarin' Book
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Backyard Sugarin' Book

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Experienced sugarin' expert Rink Mann explains step by step how to make maple syrup in your backyard.
  • Details on constructing 13 different backyard evaporators
  • Plus tips on picking the right trees, the boiling down process, taps and sap
  • Now in its fourth edition
  • 6" x 9", 94 pages
  • Foreword by Michael Farrell
  • Introduction
  • Planning Ahead
  • Trees Taps and Saps
    • Selecting Your Trees
    • When How and Where to Tap
    • Buckets and Pails
    • Dealing with Frozen Sap
    • Sap Storage
  • Homemade Evaporators
    • Engineering Principles of Backyard Evaporators
    • Evaporator Pans
    • Building a Homemade Evaporator
    • Cement Block Evaporators
    • Basic Block Sugarin' Rig
    • Basic Block With Stack and Damper Controls
    • High Capacity Block Evaporator with Multiple Pans
    • Semi-pro Cement Block Rig
    • Steel Drum and Tank Evaporators
    • 25 Gallon Drum Evaporators in Stone Wall
    • 50 Gallon Drum Evaporator, Wood Fired
    • 50 Gallon Drum Evaporator, Oil Fired
    • Converted Oil Storage Tank, Oil Fired
    • Double Pan, Converted Water Pressure
    •      Tank Evaporator
    • Backyard Barbecue Conversion
    • Congressman's Box Stove Conversion
  • The Boiling Down Process
    • Step by Step on the Author's Rig
    • Canning and Storage
    • Making Maple Sugar (For Those Who Dare)
  • Anonymous Revelations From Backyarders
  • Musings of a Backyard Sugarer
  • Index

Excerpt from Homemade Evaporators page 31

Building a Homemade Backyard Evaporator
Making your own backyard evaporator is a process of sizing up what materials you have lying around your place, what you can scrounge up elsewhere, and putting together something that will get a lot of hot flames against the bottom of your evaporator pan or pans with a reasonably efficient use of firewood and with some degree of fire control.

If you're related to a building supply dealer, maybe you can get him to give you some "irregular" cement blocks to build your evaporator out of, or a local plumber might have some discarded water pressure tanks out behind his shop. With an emery blade on your electric saw or a cutting torch, you can make a very professional acting (if not looking) evaporator. Then too, a heating contractor might have an old oil storage tank he'll let you have, which would make up into a nice fire box, and some rusty old stove pipe, which might be just the ticket for your smokestack.

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- 11/20/2015
said: Jim Rose
"A must read for anyone wishing to get into maple sugaring, or wanting to get someone out of your kitchen and into the back yard. "
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