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More with Less Cookbook
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More with Less Cookbook

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A must-have for any thrifty homemaker! Move your family away from expensive packaged goods to economical, healthy dishes prepared with simple, basic ingredients, and you truly will have "more with less" at mealtime.
  • Recipes are based on economy of money, time and energy
  • Useful tables detail daily food requirements, nutrition contents and comparative costs
  • Many inexpensive and nutritious international recipes from Mennonite missionaries around the world
  • Longacre
  • 5-1/2" × 8-1/2"
  • 328 pp.
Table of Contents
Author's Preface
Introduction by Mary Emma Showalter Eby
  1. More with Less
    • Less with More
    • Change - An Act of Faith
    • Building a Simpler Diet
    • Eat with Joy
  2. Sharing the Recipes
    • Yeast and Quick Breads
    • Cereals
    • Beans, Soybeans, and Lentils
    • Main Dishes and Casseroles
    • Eggs, Milk, and Cheese
    • Meats and Fish
    • Soups
    • Vegeatbles
    • Salads
    • Desserts, Cakes, and Cookies
    • Gardening and Preserving
    • Snacks and Miscellaneous
  3. Useful Tables
    • Complementary Protein
    • Recommended Daily Dietary
    • Allowances for Energy and Protein
    • Protein and Calorie Content of Some Common Protein Sources
    • Comparative Costs of Protein Sources
    • Equivalents
    • Metric Conversion
    • Substitutions
    • Commercial Container Sizes

The Author

Excerpt from Introduction pages 8 & 9.

This cookbook is not just another collection of favorite recipes. It is more. The recipe section which includes about two-thirds of the total space features recipes of a special kind. The author's call for low-cost low-fat low-sugar and less expensive protein recipes within the Mennonite constituency brought in thousands of responses. She and her assistants selected and tested those which appear in the twelve recipe chapters.

As one would expect in a collection of recipes based on economy of money time and energy as well as foods related to good health the emphasis is away from expensive packaged goods to dishes prepared from simple basic ingredients. The book includes many recipes for meat extender dishes such as soups stews and casseroles using vegetable proteins. It places less emphasis on the roasting and broiling of chunk meats. It encourages eating more nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables and less rich sugary desserts.

The author's years of living abroad plus worldwide travel on the part of numerous contributors is reflected in the international recipes that are included. These add variety to the menu contributing color flavor and nutritional value at low cost.

The one-third of the book not devoted to recipes contains valuable information which required many hours of research on the part of the author. Useful tables detail daily food requirements the nutritive content of commonly used foods and the comparative costs of foods. Suggestions for careful shopping appear along with suggested menus.

The More-with-Less Cookbook includes a number of unique features. Interspersed throughout the text are inspirational inserts and interesting personal remarks about certain recipes. Options for changing recipes allow the cook to be creative while "stirring up her own." Recipes which merit the label of Time Saving are identified with a large TS in bold face type. Each chapter contains a special feature "Gather Up the Fragments" a clever way of presenting ideas for using leftovers.

This cookbook will appeal most to young homemakers whose lifestyles are more open to change and whose desire for variety and creativity will lend enchantment for trying new recipes. Perhaps this is as it should be since they are most responsible for the food habits of the next generation.

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Customer Reviews of More with Less Cookbook
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- 9/9/2010
said: Amy
"My all–time favorite cookbook! The whole family enjoys trying recipes from all over the world."
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- 4/21/2010
said: Jeff
"This cookbook has simple recipes for EVERYTHING. I wish it had pictures, but it is great aside from that."
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