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Hard Shell Nutcracker
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Hard Shell Nutcracker

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Black walnut tree owners have a love/hate relationship with their harvest. You love to eat them but you hate to try to crack them open. This nutcracker does the job.

  • Made of heavy 1/2" plated steel with a 5/8"OD x 21"L steel handle
  • Provides plenty of leverage - Adjust to crack any size nut
  • Mount vertically or horizontally in a permanent spot or mount on a board for portability
  • Includes 2 mounting lag bolts
  • 4-1/2 lb.
"Well made, works great. Makes shelling black walnuts faster and easier..."
Perfect for the toughest walnuts, our customers say. Read more reviews below.

Customer Reviews of Hard Shell Nutcracker
Product Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0(14 reviews)
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- 12/1/2009
said: Dianne
"Finally found the product I was looking for. Exceptional in cracking black walnuts. Very easy to use. Great product!"
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- 11/13/2009
said: Bobby R. Green
"I have two Thomas Strain black walnut trees in my yard, one old and one fairly young. The old one has produced beautiful, extra large nuts for years but I have pretty much just thrown them away or let the squirrels in my neighborhood carry them away. That was because they were so hard to crack and there was no place local where I could take them to have them cracked. I noticed the ATOMIC nut cracker I just purchased from you in several of the seed catalogs I've gotten over the years but for whatever reason never bought one. I have a "toe-sack" full of old black walnuts that I had cleaned down to the nut but never tried to crack. Their shells were old and brittle and, like the literature that comes with the cracker said, they were almost impossible to crack. So, I soaked several of them in water for four days, dumped the water out and poured the nuts into a chicken-wire frame I have to dry. It took me all of 15 minutes to crack those nuts and I couldn't believe the amount of very large, almost intact, nut meats I got out of them. Out of maybe 40 nuts I got probably 2 cups of nut meats. Remember these are Thomas Strain nuts and were advertised as producing the largest black walnuts available at the time I planted them around 30 years ago. If there is any doubt in any of your customers' minds that black walnuts cannot be easily cracked, I can assure you I have put this cracker to the test and it has exceeded by wildest expectations. Bob GreenOklahoma City, OK"
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- 10/28/2009
said: sharon
"wonderful product,very well made makes cracking black walnuts so easy.well worth the price"
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- 12/10/2012
said: Anonymous User
"This is a very powerful nutcracker and can easily crack black walnuts. It remains a messy job, however, best performed outdoors. I used to use a hammer, which caused widespread spray of shell fragments. With this device, you can lightly cup one hand close to the nut, and contain most of the loose bits. It's also more sanitary than using a hammer on pavement. You get best results if you insert the nut vertically, and stop cracking as soon as you hear the initial crack."
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