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Home Queen Wringer Washers
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Home Queen Wringer Washers

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No water pressure? No problem! This electric wringer washer gets your clothes clean without needing water pressure. And most importantly, you'll use less water to clean your clothes.
  • Saves on water – uses much less than an automatic washing machine 
  • Requires no water pressure, and really gets clothes clean
  • It's the only wringer washer still available
  • Stainless steel tub holds 14 pounds of clothing!
  • Electric: 120V, 60 cycle motor, 7.5 amp (825 watt)
  • 42 1/2" H x 24" OD, 139 lb
  • One-year warranty on parts only
  • Made in Saudi Arabia

Note: This item will ship by semi truck to a freight terminal near your home. Before the item ships, we'll contact you to arrange the freight. Freight charges apply. Please call 1-800-438-5346 for a quote.

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  • Convenient gravity-flow drain hose empties tub into floor drain or into buckets (no pump available)
  • Double-walled, rustproof stainless steel tub keeps water warm longer and holds 14 pounds of clothing
  • Plastic agitator can't rust, dent or snag
  • Wringer is safe and convenient
  • Sealed transmission has few moving parts, all of which are fully submerged in heavy gear oil
  • Warp-proof, cast aluminum gear case holds machine-cut steel gears in precise adjustment
  • Entire washer is protected with a tough, baked-on enamel finish

Customer Reviews of Home Queen Wringer Washers
Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0(11 reviews)
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- 1/13/2016
said: ebdoug
"I bought mine new in 2011. In the basement I had a drain. Next when my knee went and I didn't want to do the basement stairs, I moved it to the garage. Very cold weather here, but only once did I need to use a hair dryer to thaw a tiny bit of water left in the drain pipe. I also had a drain the garage. Moved again, put the washer in the second bath tub where I have hose, drainage, and hot and cold water. I do four to five loads every four days as I have lots of critters using reusable wipes. That is two fillings of water. Only the belts need replacing which mine haven't. Just love it. I'm 71. All the lifting, carrying, hanging to dry has put me in the best physical condition ever."
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- 8/19/2014
said: Gary Pevas
"I received replacement wringer rolls for my 1960 Speed Queen wringer washer. These wringer rolls are a PERFECT fit and the rubber is new and grips the cloths not like the old ones that would slip and not pull the cloths through. I am so grateful for the help I received from Dan. I hope you keep selling the parts. "
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- 7/15/2014
said: Mary Ellen
"I just used this machine for the first time and I have to say that I couldn't stop with just one load. I washed everything from jeans, dress clothes to blankets and sheets. It was no problem at all washing and wringing a king sized blanket. All clothing came out sparkling clean because I have full control on how long to wash the load. If you are looking for a great washing machine and don't mind putting in a little work, then I highly recommend this machine. "
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- 6/11/2012
said: Diane
"This machine is so amazing. I already own a high efficiency washing machine that we purchased 3 or 4 years ago and let me tell you, it doesn't compare in any way to this machine. My clothes are so much cleaner. I consider it one of the best and smartest purchases I have ever made. Thank you Lehman's for making this product available for purchase."
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- 4/12/2012
said: ann fisher
"the home queen arrived quickly and was very well packaged. the delivery guy took it inside the house and helped unwrapped. he wanted to see it. the machine itself is very sturdy, works fast, and has really gotten the whites white and work clothes clean. it can also run all day if you have a mountain of clothes. over all, we are very pleased. lehmans service was excellant."
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- 8/30/2009
said: Suzanne
"I received my Home Queen washer just days after ordering it from Lehman's. It arrived in excellent condition, and there was very little additional work to get it ready for use, and the instructions were clear. We did our first load of wash immediately.This is a powerful machine and is completely living up to my memories of how good a job these machines can do. I am a professional horticulturist and conventional machines were not getting my soil-laden clothes clean. With each wash on my new Home Queen, you can see old grime and stains in my work clothes fading. We have a spring water source, and water conservation is an also an issue. Wringer washing machines are as 'green' as any high tech machine you can buy. They do a week's worth of laundry on a load's worth of water. They are also portable so can be moved to handy places for filling and draining. This was also an issue in our 175 year old house. I purchased this from Lehman's, because I have been a customer for years, and trusted them to live up to my expectations and stand behind their product. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. Yes, they cost as much as a high-tech machine with all the bells and whistles, but their mechanisms are simple and straight-forward and I fully expect my machine to be running in twenty years. Thumbs up!"
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- 6/24/2009
said: Angus
"Follow up review, I was so happy with the drive parts and agitator I reviewed previously that I called back to see if Lehmans stocked a replacement lid. My old lid was rusted beyond salvageability. Kirby in service was extremely helpful and informative and warned me that that the new lids are plastic and come without handles or the hanging hook, I could use my old ones if they were salvageable or buy those parts as well. (I chose to salvage my old ones) He was also careful to tell me that some folks had complained that the lids that they received were slightly warped and did not sit flat, he explained that the solution would be to weight the lid down until it regained it's original shape. I felt that between the very reasonable price, the fact that it wouldn't rust like my old lid, and the great quality of the other parts I'd received, it was well worth the risk so I went ahead and ordered it. The part is perfect. My old handles and hook fit it precisely. It sits as straight and flat as a prairie skyline and it looks great. It doesn't seem flimsy at all. I'm very pleased with the part and I'm very happy to do business with a company that will take the care to disclose everything they know about a product even if it might make you decide not to buy it."
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- 6/17/2009
said: Angus
"Purchased newly manufactured Home Queen parts to repair my 1961 Speed Queen. I got an agitator, a drive shaft and block assembly, an agitator cap and a replacement gasket. I now wish I'd also bought a lint sieve and a set of bolts but the ones I have are doing the job. The quality of the parts is far above anything I could have hoped for. The fit and finish is perfect. Lehman's clearly had had them laying around in stock for a while because they were a bit dusty but that's understandable, they are so well made I don't expect to need to replace them again ever. My washer is working better now than it has in years. Quieter and easier to clean. I find I can't get too bent out of shape about the machine's Saudi manufacture. Supporting a specialty manufactured good from a country that leads a trade imbalance in a raw natural resource and has virtually no finished goods industry is actually more likely to do good than harm."
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- 2/27/2015
said: Pam
"Buy and use a small water pump like for a koi pond or getting water out of a flooded basement to drain the water into a laundry tub or drain sink."
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- 4/4/2014
said: Anonymous User
"These Home Queen Wringer Washers are great....a very efficient way to wash clothes. However, like other comments previously stated, the huge drawback to this machine is that it lacks a water pump. The manufacturers must realize that not all homeowners have floor drains. Emptying buckets of water from pails is time consuming but one must certainly mention the strain and risk of back injuries lifting pails of the drained water into a laundry tub. The pump issue must be brought to attention and seriously added as a feature to this machine. Unless one has a strong back, I would not recommend this machine for the average householder due to the health risks attached. "
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