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Pioneer Maid Wood Cookstove
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Pioneer Maid Wood Cookstove

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Use it once and you'll think it's huge. Cooktop is 6% larger, oven is 20% larger and its firebox is 75% larger than any other stove in our catalog.
  • Porcelain finish for easy clean-up
  • Stainless steel oven with porcelain-lined bottom
  • Top-loading through the oversized 11" diameter lid
  • Optional stainless steel reservoir holds 11 gallons
  • Optional porcelain-lined 10" x 10" warming closet installs above cooktop and keeps food warm or herbs dry.

Note: Unlike most stoves, even though they are tested to UL standards, they need floor protection ¾" thick that extends to the front and sides an additional 18"

Note: Since this is a special order item, estimated delivery is 4-6 weeks. It will ship by semi truck to a freight terminal near your home. Before the item ships, we'll contact you to arrange the freight. Freight charges apply. Please call 1-800-438-5346 for a quote.

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The Pioneer Maid is exempt from EPA regulations and is legal for sale in most of the USA.

  • Controlled Combustion - Precise control of firebox temperatures and extended, overnight burns. Big, fist-sized knobs stay cool to the touch. Easy Loading-Large fireboxes are a Pioneer hallmark. The Maid's is the largest in our catalog. This stove easily handles irregularly shaped or unsplit wood. Easily heats small or average-sized homes.
  • Durable, Simplified Design - Traditional cookstoves are screwed together from sheet metal panels. Pioneer cookstoves are reinforced with welded steel. Many parts (50% of the Maid's body by weight) are stainless steel. One-piece steel (not stainless) top with two lids for access, firebrick-lined firebox, unique dump grate system.
  • Amish Farmer Practicality - If you want nostalgic design, world class appearance or a nice finish, this is not your stove. Pioneer ranges are built for function, not form. They are assembled in a farmer's backyard, after all. Like most things on a farm, how it works means much more than how it looks. Customers who buy this stove are usually happy with its performance but often complain about nonaligned seams and rough finishes that may show weld spatter. (For example, the air controls work well but wobble when you turn them.) Tested to UL standards, two-year warranty. Made in Canada.
Cooking surface 41½"W × 22½"D
Oven size 13"H ×19"D × 22"W
Lids Two, 11" diameter
Firebox 18½"D × 18½"H × 11½"W
Ashpan size 20"L ×10"W × 4"D
Flue size 7" round
Cooktop height 32¼"
Overall height 51¾" with shelf
Depth 32" overall
No reservoir 43"W, 580 lb
With reservoir 52"W, 623 lb
Req'd clearance 25" behind and side

Customer Reviews of Pioneer Maid Wood Cookstove
Product Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0(3 reviews)
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- 11/1/2013
said: Anonymous User
"This stove may well be the best investment I have ever made. Heats the whole house very large cooking area, lots of room in the oven. The fire holds well during the night. I would highly recommend it. "
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- 8/13/2013
said: Lee Heinonen
"I have had a Pioneer Maid since '06 and am very happy with it. Great for cooking and easily heats the whole house to the point where I get lots of fresh air with the windows open in January. It holds a fire all day when I am at work and it's easy to get going when needed. The oven thermometer is even pretty accurate as the cooking times given with recipes work out close. Well worth the money!"
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- 11/16/2011
said: D.
"I bought a Pioneer Maid and just recently had all the pipes needed to start it up. I want to tell you how much I love this stove. We had a little pot belly we were using for heat. I sometimes heated water on it, but it wasn't very efficient. The Pioneer Maid is a dream in comparison! It is so easy to cook on, which I never expected. Instead of fiddling with nobs and worrying about burning, I simply move the pot somewhere further from the fire box. If I need a lot more heat, I use the lifter to lift the steel circles to the fire box. I like to place my wok in that and make authentic Chinese stir-fry. The oven is so cute, I know that sounds strange, but it is. I have baked cookies and biscuits in it already. I added an oven thermometer that I bought and most of the time the oven door thermometer is about right, once it heats up. Plus I can touch the oven handle without getting burned. Even my electric stove didn't do that. Plus the Pioneer Maid heats my whole house on just two tiny logs. It holds the heat well. Even though it heats so beautifully my wall and floor never get warm to the touch near the fire box. It is a blessing this stove. The Pioneer Maid will be replacing my electric heater and electric stove. It also replaced my wood heater that used 4 times as many logs to keep my house warm and never heated the whole house. I figure that the Pioneer Maid will save me as much as it costed with in 5 years. I will be saving at least 200 dollars a year in wood and at least 300 a year in electricity. This is the best purchase decision I have ever made in my entire life. I was hesitant about the price, but now that I see how much money it will save me, I feel like I have been blessed."
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