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Hand-Woven Picnic Basket
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Hand-Woven Picnic Basket

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A good picnic basket is a necessity for every family. Ours is hand-woven right here in Amish Country – an ancient craft revived by a local Amish family. You'll arrive at picnics, family gatherings and pot-luck dinners with your food and dishes all neatly tucked away inside this attractive basket.
  • Reeds are woven around poplar staves
  • Light stain with home-dyed hunter green accents
  • Bottom and lid made of 1/2" plywood for extra strength
  • Bent poplar handles
  • Bottom is 11" x 15" and tapers out to 14" x 18" at top of basket
  • Bottom is signed and dated by the maker
  • 9-1/2"H, 7 lb.

Customer Reviews of Hand-Woven Picnic Basket
Product Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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- 2/5/2010
said: Charles Smith
"This is a excellent item! There's no way anyone would be able to find one of this size and quality in a "Big Box" store.You can tell it's handmade Amish quality that will last for many years! You get what you pay for,and Lehman's always has quality items! Sincerely,Charles Smith, Conn."
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- 12/18/2012
said: Anonymous User
"Overall I like the product and being advertised as "Amish-made" is a huge plus. The weaving is attractive. The plywood base is nice. I have two concerns though. First, while the bottom is advertised as 11x15, I could barely squeeze a 9x13 casserole dish with lid in it and there was no room for my fingers to move it into place. Possibly a casserole dish with foil instead of lid would fit better but since there is no shelf, you could not place anything above the casserole dish. Second, and this was the biggest drawback to me, was the design of the lid and perhaps the one delivered to me is the only one with this issue. The lid is 3/8" plywood which had NOT been sanded. The stain on the topside was very uneven on the unsanded plywood and so was not attractive with the streaking. The bottom side of the lid had been routered around the outside 1.5" of the edge so that the center was still 3/8" plywood and the outer edge was thinner. This was supposedly done to hold the lid in place while carrying. Yet every time I picked up the basket, the lid slid off and I had to grab it. Furthermore the routered edge of the plywood created an uneven appearance as would be expected with plywood rather than a solid wood board. This again resulted in an uneven and not attractive appearance on the bottom of the lid. My suggestion is that (1) the lid NOT be routered on the underside (2) the lid be sanded and (3) rubber "feet" be attached to the bottom side of the lid in the four corners to hold the lid in place while carrying. After much debate for over a week, I decided to return the basket. I really liked it overall but since it was a gift to a family member who knows a good bit about wood-working, I felt she would be disappointed by the lid. Yes, I could have made her a new lid according to my design but... I had paid for a complete picnic basket with lid... Hopefully Lehman's will redesign their lid to make it more attractive and actually stay on the basket. It is a good basket overall. Good luck."
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- 8/2/2011
said: Kathryn
"This picnic basket is so big and roomy. We bring it camping with us. The person that made the basket even wrote their name on the bottom--what a cute detail. The only problem that I have had is that if the basket is too full (heavy) the handle will come off--I wish there was some way to tighten the nut without damaging the basket material. At any rate, I haven't overfilled it since and it works great."
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- 12/28/2014
said: Anonymous User
"I'm really disappointed with this basket. The lid doesn't really fit on the top. No matter which way you position it, one side of the basket bulges out a bit. Then the lid just slides right off the basket anyway whenever you pick it up. I was going to return the basket, but the box is so big that UPS was going to charge me $35 to send it back."
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