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Grandma's Pegs® Clothespins
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Grandma's Pegs® Clothespins

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Unlike any other clothespin you've used before, Grandma's Pegs® won't rot, crack or splinter. They're gentle on your clothes with no springs to rust, snag or stain. Unique notch keeps clothes secure. Best of all, they're made completely of recycled material! Exclusively at Lehman’s.
  • 100% made from recycled agricultural wrap
  • An eco-friendly choice that helps farmers and the environment 
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Won't break or stain – may be the last clothespins you'll ever buy!
  • Pack of 36
  • Canada
LEARN MORE: Click here to read how Grandma's Pegs makes laundry day a little greener.
The idea for these clothespins started with a problem farmers face: What do you do with bale wrap when you’re done? Generally, this plastic wrap is burned, buried in landfills or disposed in a way that is unfriendly to the environment, causing millions of pounds to be scrapped each year. (Talk about a problem!) Wanting to change this, a husband and wife in Canada began recycling it, first into plastic lumber and now into these unbreakable clothespins. And to make sure these pegs are truly green, they’re made without washing the wrap first, so they preserve water.

To use:
Push peg downward on the clothesline until the indentation in the peg slips onto the line.
To remove: Move the peg sideways and lift straight up.

Customer Reviews of Grandma's Pegs® Clothespins
Product Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0(5 reviews)
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- 12/18/2013
said: Galen Lehman
"We looked all over for REAL clothespins...ones that truly hold your clothes on the line. These are the best we've found. Yes, they are expensive. But, if you want the "push on" springless design, they are the best you will ever find!"
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- 6/16/2014
said: Nicholas DiBiase
"I've been using these pins exclusively for all my laundry for about a month. They are far, far superior to either the "spring-hinge" or the wooden peg type of pin -- more durable, doesn't snag clothing, will accommodate clothes of any type no matter how thick or thin, fast and easy to use. I store these in a bag outdoors in the heat of the Phoenix summer, with no apparent ill effects. Absolutely well worth the price. One of the best new products I've encountered."
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- 2/10/2014
said: Chris Bennett
"These are really well-designed and durable clothespins. They've got a great dense feel, but they're still flexible enough to slip over even very heavy fabrics. I've been using these on my basement clothesline for months and I'm very impressed. If you've got a clothesline and you're not using these, then you're doing it wrong. Disclaimer: I am an employee of Lehman's."
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- 11/18/2014
said: Debra Miller
"These clothes pins open up a bit more when it is hot, and when I first got them they were a bit sticky. However, with time not only did they resume their original shape, but the stickiness wore off. I will probably buy another batch just because one isn't enough to replace the cheap spring ones that I have."
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- 3/3/2015
said: Judy Rose
"Well said,Nicholas DiBiase,06-16-14 !! I agree with you 100%. These are the ones I needed in high winds of Northern AZ! They hang right on at 35 to 40 mph! I made sure I had enough so I bought 2 packs. Glad I need, I LOVE them and my clothesline! I've already saved the cost of one on my electric and my clothes don't fly away and I don't have broken spring pins all over! Thank you for a great "green" set of pins.So worth every penny!"
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